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Jeremy hesitates a moment and before he knows it, his eyes travel over her perfect appearance. Just as he feels like he’s going to drown in how beautiful she is, he moves his hand up and knocks softly on the wooden door frame. 


He notices the slight shiver that runs down her spine before she turns around and it’s killing him that he can’t walk over and make it all go away,  kiss her lips until she can’t feel them anymore, take that dress off her, answer those shivers with a sigh, make her his over and over again. 

“What are you doing here?”, her sound is barely more than a whisper. 

“Did you really think I wouldn’t be invited? I’m Elena’s brother after all.”
She flinches at the mention of her name, at the reminder that there was a party going on in Elena’s honor.  

He reaches inside the pocket of his jacket and holds out the letter she had left on his bedside a few nights ago. 

 Rebekah is staring at it in disbelief,  small tears forming in her eyes. 

 “Why would you bring me that back?” 

“I’ve read it, and I don’t accept it.”

He can see that she’s trying very hard to keep her composure, trying to hold back her tears.

It seems like she wants to say something, but she doesn’t dare to in case her voice would give away how upset she was. 

“I don’t believe that’s how you really feel. I know it’s not.” 

Rebekah reaches her hand out to take the letter, they both hold it for a moment, their fingers almost touch.

“Jeremy, you deserve -“, she starts off in a shaking voice. But he doesn’t let her finish. 

“I love you, Rebekah. I can’t help it.” 

With that he turns away to leave but can’t resist to look at her one more time, closing his eyes, trying to freeze the picture of her beauty in his brain forever. 

- Written by Marie / Gif by me

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